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and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Create a website on Tilda

Tilda - is one of the constructors with which you can build your website from ready—made blocks

Create a website
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sign the contract

Come to the branch of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC and the manager will help you sign the contract

More detailed
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Connect the module ePay

When the site is ready and the contract is signed, you need to connect the module to your site

Video instruction
We have prepared detailed instructions for you


Create a website on Tilda

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What is Tilda??

This is a website builder. In it you can create your own online store.


Simple, fast and convenient. Ready-made block templates that you can edit.

Where to start?
  1. Register for tilda.cc
  2. Create an online store
  3. Connect online payments


Sign the contract


Open an account with Halyk bank

Open an individual entrepreneur account without visiting a bank. Start working today without bank visits and queues.


Fill out the application form

You need to fill out an application form


Collect documents
  • Card with the signature of the head
  • Application for connection (Questionnaire)
  • Certificate of state registration
  • Identity card


Sign the contract
  • Submit documents to the Bank
  • Pass verification
  • Sign a contract


Connect the EPAY module

After you have created your website and signed an agreement with ePay,
it remains to add the EPAY2 Halyk Bank module to Tilda.
To connect the module, follow the instructions or watch the video instruction:
  1. Log in to Tilda.cc to the «My sites» section
  2. Select your online store (Edit the site)
  3. Select «Site Settings»
  4. In the list, select «EPAY2 Halyk Bank», and fill in all the fields
    During the registration process, the ePay team provides the data. Some of them will need to be mapped to the tilda form:

    ClientID to the Login form,

    TildaSecret to the «Secret for signing the order» form,

    TerminalID to the «TERMINALID» form

  5. Ready! Now you are using Internet acquiring

Leave a request for activation

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