Коды ошибок

455Authentication failed (3DSecure/Securecode)
456Error please try later
457Error in card expiration date field
458Server is not responding
459Server is not responding
460An error occurred, the payment amount may be blocked, please contact customer support.
461System error. Please try later. If this problem continues, please contact the customer support
462Call your bank
463Call your bank
464Invalid merchant
465Your card is restricted
466Transaction declined.Call your bank
467Your card is disabled
468Additional identification required
469Invalid transaction
470Invalid amount
471No such card
472No such card
473Authentication failed (3DSecure/Securecode)
475Invalid response
476No action taken
477Format error
478Expired card
479Restricted card
480Call your bank
481Lost card
482Lost card
483Stolen card
484Not sufficient funds
485Expired card
486Not permitted to client by Issuing bank. Call your bank.
487Not permitted to merchant
488Exceeds amount limit
489Restricted cardм
490The ban on the payments on your card, for more information, please contact customer support. Contact info is stated on the back of your card.
491Exceeds frequency limit
492The card blocked due to incorrect entering pin-code. For the further information please contact customer support, contact info is stated on the back of your card.
493Недоступен банк, выпустивший карту, попробуйте повторить оплату позже
494Issuer unavailable
495The transaction is prohibited. Please use other card.
4963DSecure SecureCode absent
497Server is not responding. Please try later
498Payment with bonuses is not available. Please try again later
499Incorrectly entered or not entered 3DSecure/Securecode
5003DSecure / Securecode verification is not available or you entered card number incorrectly. Try to use a different browser/device. If the error persists, reset the password.
501Error in servicing the card. Be sure to enter the card number correctly. If the error persists, contact support.
502This type of transaction requires the mandatory input of the password 3DSecure/Securecode.м
503Sorry! This operation requires you to use you 3D Secure password.
Qazkom cardholders can set their 3D passwords at www.HOMEBANK.kz
Other bank cardholders will require to consult with their issuing bank.
517there was no attempt to pay