General Information

  • Order payment
    • with a new card and a saved card
      • payment with bonuses for Halyk Bank cardholders
    • Halyk QR
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Samsung Pay
    • MasterPass
  • Transfers
    • p2p
    • AFT payments
    • OCT transfers to card and mobile phone
  • Full customization of the payment page

Getting Started with SDK

During registration, you will be provided with authentication credentials that will need to be used when making the payment.

TerminalIDMerchant payment terminal ID
ClientIDMerchant ID
ClientSecretMerchant Secret Key

Installation instructions

Installation instruction for IOS SDK

Installation instruction for Android SDK


The ePay SDK workflow and its interaction with your application and the ePay backend are as follows:

  1. Your application generates a unique invoiceId
  2. Authorization data, amount, and invoiceId (additional parameters for some functions) are passed to the SDK
  3. The SDK authorizes with the ePay backend and obtains a token for further operations
  4. The client is presented with a payment/transfer page.
  5. The SDK, using the authorization token, performs the operation on the ePay backend
  6. Your backend receives a webhook with the payment status
  7. Upon completion of the operation, the client sees a success or error page and continues their user journey

Информация и инструкции по настройке страниц

Payment Page

Transfer Page