General Information

  • Order payment
    • with a new card and a saved card
      • payment with bonuses for Halyk Bank cardholders
    • Halyk QR
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Samsung Pay
    • MasterPass
  • Transfers
    • p2p
    • AFT payments
    • OCT transfers to card and mobile phone
  • Full customization of the payment page

Getting Started with SDK

During registration, you will be provided with authentication credentials that will need to be used when making the payment. | --- | --- | | TerminalID | Merchant payment terminal ID | | ClientID | Merchant ID | | ClientSecret | Merchant Secret Key |

Installation instructions

Installation instruction for IOS SDK

Installation instruction for Android SDK


The ePay SDK workflow and its interaction with your application and the ePay backend are as follows:

  1. Your application generates a unique invoiceId;
  2. Authorization data, amount, and invoiceId (additional parameters for some functions) are passed to the SDK;
  3. The SDK authorizes with the ePay backend and obtains a token for further operations;
  4. The client is presented with a payment/transfer page;
  5. The SDK, using the authorization token, performs the operation on the ePay backend;
  6. Your backend receives a webhook with the payment status;
  7. Upon completion of the operation, the client sees a success or error page and continues their user journey.

Информация и инструкции по настройке страниц

Payment Page

Transfer Page