__ Getting a token__

TEST URL POST https://testoauth.homebank.kz/epay2/oauth2/token
PROD URL POST https://epay-oauth.homebank.kz/oauth2/token

query Body: form-data

grant_type: "password"
username: "USERNAME"
password: "USERPASSWORD"
scope: "transfer"
client_id: "CLIENTID"
client_secret: "CLIENTSECRET"


"expires_in": 7200,

access_tokenToken for performing the operation
expires_inToken expiration time
refresh_tokenNot used for this type of authorization
scopeResource, the transfer resource is used for making the payment
token_typeAuthorization type
URL https://testepay.homebank.kz/api/p2p/operations

Input parameters are transmitted as JSON: The model is presented in the following form:

"page": ,

In the "paging" block, two parameters must be passed: "page" - the number of records to be skipped; "size" - the number of records to be displayed on the page. In the "searchParameters" block, you need to pass three parameters, you can also search through a variety of fields (the query example shows how) "name" is the name of the field (filter) by which the database will be searched, the list is presented below; "method" is the search method (specify in the following form: between, in, like , = , < , > , <= , >= ) ; " searchParameter" - search parameters.When using the between search method, 2 parameters must be passed, when using like, one parameter must be passed that contains the % sign, when using the in search method, at least 1 parameter must be used. If the parameters are not passed correctly, an error will be returned. The request must specify the transaction period. This search parameter is mandatory. In the "orderParameters" block, two parameters can be passed: "field" - the name of the field by which sorting will take place; "typeOrder" - the type of sorting ASC/DESC. This block can be left empty if there is no need to sort or sort by several fields (shown in the example below).

Attention! The created_at search method is mandatory_


Transaction datecreated_date
Terminal No.terminal_id
Order No.invoice_id
Customer ID in the customer's storeaccount_id

__ Request example, JSON:__

"paging": {
"page": 0,
"size": 20
"searchParameters": [
"name": "created_at",
"method": "between",
"searchParameter": [
"orderParameters": [
"field": "created_at",
"typeOrder": "ASC"
"field": "id",
"typeOrder": "ASC"

The response is returned as JSON:

"totalCount": 132,
"records": [
"id": "f0c79d0d-1b98-4b8c-8ea3-83a110be191e",
"dateTime": "2022-02-03T11:42:35.533398+06:00",
"invoiceId": "123456789377804",
"amount": 200,
"currency": "KZT",
"terminal": "98151552",
"accountId": "",
"description": "TEST p2p",
"language": "",
"senderCardMask": "4003********9821",
"receiverCardMask": "5578********0613",
"senderCardType": "VISA",
"receiverCardType": "MasterCard",
"senderIssuer": "",
"receiverIssuer": "",
"reference": "203480420271",
"secure": "",
"code": "00",
"reason": "",
"reasonCode": 0,
"name": "Sergey Frolov",
"email": "dosbols@halykbank.kz",
"phone": "",
"ip": "",
"ipCountry": "",
"ipCity": "",
"ipRegion": "",
"ipDistrict": "",
"ipLongitude": 0,
"ipLatitude": 0,
"status": "ok",
"senderCardId": "",
"receiverCardId": ""

The error response is returned as JSON:

"code": 232,
"message": "There is no search method"